The Art Space at Loud Cow

At Loud Cow lives an artist-run alternative art space showcasing contemporary & experimental art projects. 

Upcoming - Verified

Curated by Amanda Chestnut.

The art space at Loud Cow is an artist-run, alternative art exhibition space and activity center.  Our arts programming is built to showcase contemporary artwork in a non-commercial art setting through group and solo exhibitions, lectures, performances and film screenings.  We focus on artists and cultural producers that are experimental and edgy in their approaches to making. 

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For our upcoming show Loud Cow welcomes independent curator and woman extraordinaire Amanda Chestnut. Verified looks at not just what people claim as their identity, but who gives them permission to claim that identity and how they navigate spaces where that permission might be denied. The Exhibit explores black identity, but also looks at whiteness and how it can form a sense of self. Combining works from artists with a variety of backgrounds, Verified creates a dialogue that mirrors the current Socio political exploration of identity, both for people of color and those less melaninated.

Mitch Ahern, Lynn, MA

Sarah Anthony, Summerville, MA

Pilar Arthur-Snead, Albany, NY

Reb Ayse (previously Lomuto), Rochester, NY

Juan Madrid, (currently) Woodstock, NY (will be by the show) Toronto, CA

Anina Major, New York, NY

Megan May, Rochester, NY

Ray Ray Mitrano, Rochester, NY

Brian Murphy, Binghamton, NY

This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Genesee Valley Council on the Arts.

Past Exhibits


 A Bunch of Baloney

-- A curated show of works from Ben Entner, Kurt Treeby, Cecily Culver, Jason Mombert, October 2018

  1. Germinate

--  Featuring the work of the feminist art collective Politits, May 2018

  1. How did We Get Here?   

--  5 person group show featuring work from Clifford Wun, Dara Engler, Debra Fisher, Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge & Megan Scheffer, May, 2016

  1. Place Makers

-- A 2 person show with Allen Topolski & Jappie King Black , October, 2017


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