Sculpture & Model Making

Our dedicated team of talented artists love what they do and  bring attention to detail to original sculpture and model making.  We have made everything from replicas of ancient statues and pottery, model ships, a realistic looking ice shelf, to touchable animal sculptures and more.  

 Working with the right material and design we can create your piece to handle any exhibition circumstance that it might find itself in, whether its indoors, out doors, or whether it will be touched or handled, we work with you to design and build your original piece.

Winged Genie Statue

Watch our team of talented artists as they start with nothing but a photograph and craft a sculpture of a Mesopotamian Winged Genie.  Every detail is considered and only the finest craftsmanship is applied.  


Ice fishing: Elements of the Extreme exhibit

Producing sculptures that look like they are the real deal is a challenge.  Our experienced team has a deep understanding of contemporary sculpting materials, we know how to choose the right one for your project. This ice sheet looks so real you can almost feel a cold breeze coming off it!

16 by 9 snake.jpg

Paradise Flying Snake:  Bio-mechanics- the Machine Inside  exhibit

This model of a paradise flying snake is a combination of strength and beauty.  It was built to last for years on display as a touchable sculpture. Made with a durable plastic with the color ingrained into it, the characteristic  color pattern on this touchable sculpture will never wear off.