People come to us when they need an object that does not exist, we are the people who will make it for them.  Through sculpture, mold making, casting and coloring we can make just about anything!  They are made to be tough and durable, especially if they are meant to be handled.  For an extra strong mount we can easily incorporate the mounting hardware right into the object.  We will work with you to create exactly what you need.


Touchable teeth and claws for the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

An assortment of indestructible teeth and claws were replicated for a project that was designed to give the public the chance to feel their shape and sharpness.  They were made with the mounting hardware embedded into the plastic, giving them an extra strong hold onto the subsurface.


Backbone- Bio-Mechanics: The Machine Inside

This plastic replication of a human backbone was made to communicate the abilities of the super material reslin.  As a replicated object it does not require special care and can last on display for many, many years.


Cocoa Beans- Chocolate Exhibit

Often times replications are needed because the object meant for display is biodegradable. Such was the case for these cocoa beans on display for an exhibit on chocolate.  With fine artistry we can make sure that the replication looks exactly like the thing its supposed to be.