Place makers

 LOUD COW  is back with a new exhibition "Place Makers”, a quest into a world of reformed objects.   Allen Topolski & Jappie King Black both employ a method of making that starts with a familiar entity and through a process of re-conforming the object becomes remade*.  This re-making is a metamorphosis that ushers in a new object hood, and with that, a new form of self-evidence.  If you are, say, someone who is a new-agey type, you might say that there is a brand new aura.   Across 2 Loud Cows’ 1.3 acres are to be found place markers, as in hand-crafted objects that stamp a personhood onto a place.  Like a monument the work on display was made to honor the past, and we are just here to gaze upon the work and wonder, “what the hell happened long ago to make these works necessary!” 

abbreviated discourse_LR by Jappie at loud cow.jpg

Jappie King Black

A quick side note on Jappie:  She has a forest of trees behind her house.  Very majestic, vast, and like crazy Sublime (as Lacan would say).  However, those woods have a secret- they are forever changing.  We are all familiar with nature and how it loves to destroy and create at the same time, so it is within that spirit that the forest of trees are being taken over by wild grapevines (the same that bring us wine).  In an effort to sublimate this process Jappie collects the vines and bark, harvesting them all year, to use in her sculptures and installations.  The flow of time will change them. Many of her pieces are cast on a course towards deterioration, but because of the ever present march of nature new material will always form, which places Jappie, somewhat precariously, in the middle of the back and forth between creation and decay.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.43.19 PM.png

Installation shot of Placemakers



Allen Topolski

Please do not feel sorry for Allen, but sports were not important in his family. On second thought…his father did bowl and golfed a LOT … so I guess they were.  When he was nine or 10 his father bought him a spring-board net that was made to bounce a thrown baseball back to him so you could practice playing catch. Only later did it occur to him that this was a surrogate for his father.  The realization was somewhat upsetting.  Allen C. Topolski is interested in reconfiguring material and objects so as to transform the frameworks through which they operate..