Murals engage in a powerful way. Our talented team can produce a range of styles to suit your needs; from two-tone graphic work to an awesome lifelike landscape.  We can design and create a work on site or we can make it on a canvas that can be mounted to a surface or stretched.  Large or small a 2D piece can add a vast 3D environment to your project.  


Backdrop for a Puma Diorama at the Rochester Museum and Science Center

A family of Mountain Lions at the Rochester Museum and Science Center were lacking an environment and this mural provided it!   Depicting a scene of the Adirondack Mountains in New York, this vista provided a usefull impression of the elements that mountain lions survive in. 


Hyena Diorama at the Field Museum of Natural History- Chicago

Depicting a Somalian landscape as a backdrop to a group of feasting hyenas, this mural was made using traditional habitat diorama techniques.  The goal of this oil-painted mural was to showcase the harsh and dangerous environment that these scrappy hyena thrive in. 

Aaron Delehanty with the painting Flock.jpg

Visible City Mural

We take great pride in our work!